3on3 ​​Rules & Regulations​!

1. Who Can Play

The tournament is open to 4 graders - adult players (male or female).  A player may not participate on multiple teams within the same bracket.

2. Number of Players

Each team must have a minimum of 3 players and may consist of a maximum of 4 players. A team shall have no more than 3 players on the court at any time.  All games must start with at least 3 players on each team. Any number of players (1, 2, or 3) may finish a game.

3. Authorized Equipment & Apparel

No player shall be allowed to wear a guard, cast, hard brace or other potentially dangerous equipment on his or her elbow, hand, wrist, finger or forearm, including equipment made of hard leather, plastic, plaster or metal—even if the equipment is covered with soft padding. Soft braces, sleeves and wraps will be allowed unless they pose a danger to other players. In addition, jewelry, hair bands and clips will not be allowed. Tournament officials retain the right to disallow any equipment or apparel that is judged to be dangerous or inappropriate.

4. Eligibility Issues

All high school and college players are encouraged to check with their coaches and/or athletic directors about participating in the tournament and the potential effects on their eligibility. Event organizers are not responsible for determining a particular athlete’s eligibility under National Collegiate Athletic Association or applicable high school association rules.

5. Fouls

Basketball officials, acting as court monitors, will call fouls for all games. After 4 team fouls shall result in one free throw shot, unless it’s a shooting foul. If the fouled player is in the “act of shooting” a free throw shot is awarded; one shot for a one point shot; two shots for a two point shot. During a free throw, opposing team players may not intentionally disrupt the shooter’s unhindered throw. A change of possession will result regardless of whether the free throw shot is made or missed. Incidental contact between opponents shall not result in a called foul unless such contact results in a meaningful disadvantage. Intentional, Flagrant or Technical fouls, these types of fouls will result in two points for the other team and possession of the ball.

6. Stalling

Stalling is prohibited at all times. Stalling involves a style of play in which a team does not actively attempt to advance the basketball toward the basket and shoot the ball at the basket. It is a method used in an attempt to run out the game clock to preserve a win. Stalling is considered an unsportsmanlike act and will result in a technical foul against the offending team

7. Which Team Receives the Ball First?

A coin toss prior to each game and to start overtime determines which team first gets the ball.

8. Scoring

Baskets made from inside the two point arc count for one point. Baskets made from outside the two point arc count for two points. The first team to 15 points within the 15 minute time limit is the winner; there is NO win by 2 rule…except for the Championship Games for each division; also no time limit in the Championship games.

9. Checked Ball

The ball must be “checked” by an opposing player before it is put into play. The check-in must occur outside the two point arc.

10. Stealing the Ball

Players in all age divisions may steal the ball at anytime.

11. Taking It Back

The ball will be “taken back” on each change of possession, regardless of whether or not a shot was attempted. Failure to “take it back” results in loss of possession and any points just scored. When taking the ball back, the player must bring his/her whole body and the ball behind the two (three) point arc.

12. Ball Out-of-Bounds

A ball out-of-bounds will be taken out from the top of the arc.

13. Boundaries

The basket structure, padding and structural supports will be played as out-of-bounds. The actual backboard, including its face, top, bottom and sides shall be considered in-bounds.

14. Jump Ball

In a jump ball situation, the ball will first go to the team which lost the opening coin toss, with alternating possessions thereafter

15. Substitutions

Substitutions may only be made during a timeout or a “dead ball” situation.

16. Timeout

Each team is allowed a single one minute timeout per game. The clock will stop during a timeout.

17. Player Injury

A court monitor has the discretion to suspend play for the protection of an injured player. If a player is bleeding or has an open wound, that player will be directed to leave the game and properly bandage the wound. A player with any bloodstained clothing or bandage must remove the stained or saturated material prior to re-entering the game. If it is believed that a player has lost consciousness during a game, or is severely injured, event organizers may require a written note from a medical doctor who has examined the player subsequent to the game injury and specifically authorizes that player to continue participation in the tournament.


Event organizers and designated tournament officials shall have the power to make all decisions on any points not specifically covered in the Rules & Regulations and shall have the sole authority to interpret the intent and purpose of these Rules & Regulations. Event organizers and designated tournament officials reserve the right to disqualify any player and/or team for infractions of tournament rules and policies.This is our 4th Year at Rossville-Alvin putting on this awesome tournament!  Our tournament is actually on Leap day, February 29th.  Our tournament is for anyone 4th grade and older: Short or tall, young or old, male or female, experienced or none: you can play too!  Our tournament maintains the purity and integrity of the old-fashioned driveway basketball game.  This year we will have patched officials for our 5-8 graders! 

Concession Stands

Rossville’s 8th Grade class will be running the concession stand again this year.  All money from the concession stands will go towards there 8th grade trip!

Our menu for this event will be...Loaded Nachos,  Nachos,  Chili Hotdogs,  Hotdogs,  BBQ,  Pretzels,  Popcorn, Cookies...and more!


Thank you to our Sponsors for this year’s tournament!


Registration has ended! Good Luck Everyone!

We love our fans and community!

We thank everyone for there support! We look forward to seeing you at our tournament!